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How are you spending your non-49ers Sunday?

We take a look at what people plan on doing on a Sunday without 49ers football.


We'll have open threads throughout the day, but I was curious what people had planned for an otherwise non-49ers Sunday. I imagine plenty of you will be watching football in some form or fashion. Or maybe this is a chance to get away from football for a day.

I'll be enjoying football throughout the day, and actually providing some of my own insights for, breaking down some GIF'd up plays, and taking a look at some of the gambling implications of today's games. I'll be continuing to work today, but the stress of it all is a lot less knowing the 49ers are not going to be playing today. It takes a certain edge away from watching football today, but sometimes that is nice.

For the next three weeks we'll have that to a certain extent. The 49ers are off today, don't play again until Monday Night Football in Week 8, and then have a bye in Week 9. Consider this is an opportunity to re-charge our batteries before the start of the second half of the season.

How are you going to spend this non-49ers Sunday?