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Week 7 NFL Open Thread: Morning Games

We break down some of the morning matchups, and provide an open thread for discussion


This is a bit of an odd week in the NFL as a vast majority of the games are airing in the 10am PT hour. There are only two 1:25pm games, and both are on CBS. We've got eight games on tap, with a mixture of interesting matchups to get us through this non-49ers Sunday.

Rams-Packers and Cardinals-Vikings are the two pertinent games for our purposes. We are closing in on the halfway mark, and while we can focus on playoff matchups eventually, divisional games really are the most important for now. The Rams are at home against the Packers, while Arizona is traveling to Minnesota.

The Packers are coming off a big win against Houston, but they have had enough inconsistency that St. Louis has a chance. Of course, watch the Packers blow the doors down against the Rams this week. On the other hand, the Cardinals are scuffling a bit and face a better than expected Vikings squad in the Metrodome. I'd lean towards the Vikings pulling this one out. We'll know a bit more about the NFC West by the end of the day.

For purposes of the "playoff chase", Giants-Redskins will be an interesting one to watch. NFC East games can get crazy, and I have a feeling RGIII could do some good things in the Meadowlands today. I am inclined to root against the Giants the rest of the season, although, maybe a playoff game IN New York could be the best way for the 49ers to find some success against the G-Men. Or the Giants could simply choose not to make the playoffs. I would be fine with that.