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49ers Monday Minute: Alex Smith, Mario Manningham discussion

We take a quick look at Alex Smith and Mario Manningham in our 49ers Monday Minute discussion.

In our attempts to try and introduce more video to Niners Nation, and SB Nation as a whole, we are going to try and pump something we'll be calling the Monday Minute. I'll get a couple questions and provide a minute-long answer for each question.

This week, we hit on a pair of topics related to the 49ers offense. The first question is about Alex Smith and the second question is about Mario Manningham. Even though we've been discussing the Alex Smith situation for seven years now, I'd say go ahead and give the video a view.

The Mario Manningham question was a little bit more interesting for me as Manningham has quietly worked his way into a solid component of the 49ers offense. He missed this past week against the Seahawks, but appears on track to return this Monday. Although the 49ers have focused more on the run in their recent victories, Manningham has been a key cog on the passing side. I would like to think his return can help get the passing game a bit more on track.