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San Francisco 49ers: Who would you like to see more of in 2012?

The San Francisco 49ers have been forging ahead with essentially the same lineup from 2011. We discuss which new additions to the team would be interesting to see have a role on offense.


Entering Week 8 of the 2012 NFL season, the San Francisco 49ers are in pretty good shape at 5-2. The defense has been the same dominant unit from last year, currently sitting comfortably at No. 1 in the league. While the offense has made progress, jumping from the 26th ranked unit in 2011 to a top-10 attack this year.

This past offseason, the 49ers made a number of offseason moves, adding some significant names to this already impressive roster. But surprisingly, the majority of them have yet to contribute anything meaningful this season.

San Francisco has been racking up the wins with the same makeup from 2011. What we've seen from the Niners is just progress and experience within the system.

Still, the 49ers are doing well enough to possibly insert some of the players that are on the fringe of getting involved. If they were to take some chances by switching up the regular personnel, they might not be jeopardizing their chances of winning as much as they think.

In fact, it's something they should explore, just to make sure they aren't leaving any big plays on the sideline.

Randy Moss

There still seems to be room for Moss to see more playing time. He's shown that he can still run and catch, which automatically makes him a threat for the 49ers. He can still take teams deep, with his ability to run through defenses.

While Moss has been active every game, he's received very limited reps on game day. In an attempt to generate more offense downfield, the Niners could benefit from integrating Moss into the game plan.

Brandon Jacobs

Jacobs was finally activated for the first time this past week against the Seattle Seahawks. And even though he suited up, the 6'5" bruising back did not step on the field for a single down. He is yet to have a single regular season rep as a San Francisco 49er.

With the success of the Niners ground-and-pound this season, one would think that getting Jacobs involved would only take it to another level. The ferocity of San Francisco's offensive line would complement Jacobs' running style beautifully.

A.J. Jenkins

Not many teams would redshirt their rookie first rounder. Even great teams like the New England Patriots, who had 2 first-rounders, are starting their top 2012 picks with the hopes that they'll help them win games.

At a position of need, San Francisco's first round choice has yet to be active in his rookie season. He showed flashes of big playmaking ability in the preseason, but hasn't broken through the best 45 that are active on game day.

LaMichael James

With their second round draft pick this year, the San Francisco 49ers selected one of the most prolific runners in NCAA history. Throughout his collegian career, James was consistently among the top players at his position.

When James' time does eventually come, he could bring about a new era for the San Francisco 49ers. He is a very interesting prospect on the Niners' roster that isn't talked about because he's essentially redshirted.

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