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Frank Gore injury: 49ers RB reportedly full participant in practice

We break down the news that Frank Gore says he got in a full workload at practice on Monday.


The 49ers had a practice session yesterday, and the good news is that it sounds like Frank Gore was a full participant in practice. According to Gore, he did everything in practice and should be fine for Monday NIght Football. We probably should take his comments with a bit of a grain of salt, but we'll get a better potential confirmation when the 49ers return to practice on Thursday.

The Arizona Cardinals have a solid enough defense, but their defensive front has been fairly middle of the road against the run. There has been some discussion about sitting Gore to get him completely healthy. However, it really sounds like the bruised ribs were just a short-term issue.

I do think this could lead to Brandon Jacobs actually getting a bit of work this week on some of the short yardage situations. Every run has the potential to be a tough one on the ribs, but removing some short yardage work would seem to be a somewhat logical way to avoid some of the more likely shots to the ribs.