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49ers game pictures: Anybody photographing games?

We look for ways to get game photos.


We have access to a new tool called a gallery, which allows us to post a slideshow of photos on the top of a post. The slideshow does not take you to new pages, but rather allows you to click through the pictures on the same page. The idea is to upload photos from events to help tell the story.

Last week I put together a gallery of "The many faces of Jim Harbaugh". I thought it came out fairly well, but it was strictly pictures from either screen shots or our various photo licenses.

What I want to try and do is put together a weekly gallery post of the previous game. However, rather than use our licensed photos, I wanted to see if any of you attend games and take a decent amount of photos. If you upload them to Flickr or some other photo service, all the better. I would like to use those photos to create a gallery post each week. If you are in such a position, drop a line in the comments or email me at