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NFL Power Rankings Week 8

A new format for this weeks power rankings! You get a video! You get a video! Everybody gets a vid-e-oooo!

It's time for some new things!

That's right, your friendly neighborhood power rankings are moving to video format. Personally, I'm pretty excited for this. It gives me a chance to talk about some teams I find particularly compelling week to week at a more in-depth level. Moreover, the work the video guys at SBNation do is fantastic. They my voice and make it hundreds of times more epic. Plus the graphic representation of my rankings? Super awesome and cool.

Anyway, for this week, I want to ask you guys a favor. Like always, I'm really interested in your opinions about the ratings - for example, I think I might have the Cardinals too high; and if so, tell me why! But, in addition to this, I would love your thoughts on the video - specifically my switch from the written to the verbal. I've never actually done this sort of thing, and since I really like this format, I would love some constructive criticism.

Alrighty then, enjoy!