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NFL coaching openings: What kind of turnover can Jim Harbaugh, 49ers expect in 2013?

We take a look at what the 49ers recent success could mean for Jim Harbaugh's coaching staff.

Leon Halip

After Monday Night Football wraps up, the 49ers will officially be halfway through the 2012 NFL season. Time certainly does fly by!

Being halfway through the season means plenty of coaches around the league are on the hot seat. The 49ers thankfully have a solid head coach in place, but that does not mean these future vacancies won't impact the team. The 49ers have found great success through Jim Harbaugh's first 25 games, which means everything about them is becoming more and more high profile.

That includes the coaching staff. Although the 49ers have plenty of areas for improvement, odds would seem to be high that they will lose at least one coach this coming offseason, if not more. OC Greg Roman was a candidate for the Penn State coaching job this year, and special teams coordinator Brad Seely was a candidate for the Indianapolis Colts head coaching job.

I bring this topic up now, because Daniel Jeremiah of put together a list of college coaches and NFL assistant coaches that could garner some attention for eventual vacancies. He included Seely in his seven-person list. He described him as having an excellent resume and pointed to Ravens head coach John Harbaugh's previous special teams experience as a potential boost for Seely.

Jeremiah included a quote from a former player stating, "Brad was very well respected in our locker room. He is very detailed and he knows how to communicate." Those are key components for a head coach. Given the amount of managing of coaches and players a head coach has to deal with, there are certain things that are not game-specific which are crucial.

The 49ers special teams unit has come back to earth quite a bit this year, although they are coming off a strong performance against the Seahawks. Seely is a well-respected coach, so I can't imagine a down year from the special teams unit destroying his chances.

We'll have to wait and see as the 49ers get toward the playoffs. The scheduling for interviews varies for teams with byes and teams without byes, as well as the length of a teams postseason run. I would imagine the odds are good at least one coach is gone, but an extended postseason run could gum up the works on that a bit.