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Fantasy football Pick 6: Week 7 Niners Nation Leaderboard, Week 8 Picks

A breakdown of Week 7 performances in Pick 6 fantasy football, along with a look ahead to Week 8 options.

Kevin C. Cox

Shocking news: I continue to struggle in Pick 6 fantasy football. A week after finishing No. 73, I climbed all the way up to No. 72 with a 36.5 point showing. That's what I get for going with a 50 cent team.

This week was anther relatively down week for point totals. gilly717 led the way with 96.2 points for the week, finishing 5.1 points ahead of Session9. Here are the top teams from Week 7:

1. gilly717: 96.2
2. Session9
3. Big D and Smith: 89.1
4. OffensiveInterference: 88.2
5. raiderrtaya: 88.0

I decided to actually put forth a bit more of a good faith effort on my roster this week, finding some quality matchups. I went with the following:

QB: Christian Ponder (TB has a horrible pass defense)
RB: Rashad Jennings (Take my chances with MJD's replacement
WR: Percy Harvin (Looking to double up against TB)
TE: Heath Miller (A favorite target of Big Ben)
K: Dan Bailey (Looking for a shootout in Big D
WC: Antonio Brown (I like offensive weapons against the Redskins defense)

Who you rolling with this week for your Pick 6 lineup?