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Golden Nuggets: Andy Lee vs Patrick Peterson

Thursday, October 25, 2012 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

Brian Bahr

Let me start off this edition of the Nuggets with a big congratulations to Pablo Sandoval, Barry Zito, and my San Francisco Giants. Go Giants! We got this one. I was a bit surprised to see the Tigers as big favorites, many picking them due to the extra rest, when all stats and recent Tigers experience show otherwise. Well, here we are. And I think we're going to win it.

OK. Now to the 49ers. It's still slow news-wise. What with the game being on MNF and last week's game falling on a Thursday we've got a bit of a dead zone. Richard Sherman of the Seahawks is still making news for complaining about complaining. That should let you know what kind of a news day it was. Other than that, the one thing I recommend is our very own Tre Faaborg doing double duty. First he's got an article on Vernon Davis' involvement in the passing game. Down in the 'assorted media' section, he's on the podcast.

One key aspect of the upcoming game will be Andy Lee and the special teams unit against Patrick Peterson. Andy Lee won the special teams player of the week award and has been near-perfect as usual this season. Peterson, as we all know, is one of the deadliest returners in the game. I'd love it if he was avoided at all costs. Unless the offense gets defibrillated back to life, this could be another 13-6 type of game, and if Peterson gets loose for a long one, that changes the battle of field position or could even be a score. Kick it out of bounds! On to the links...

Week 8: 49ers at Cardinals

Will Vernon Davis finally get involved finally get involved in passing game. (Faaborg)

Cards' Wisenhunt confirms rivalry aspect, assures their respect of 49ers. (Inman)

Arizona's Patrick Peterson hoping Andy Lee, 49ers challenge him on Monday. (Barrows)

Punt-coverage unit has improved, but here comes Peterson. (Branch)

49ers - Cardinals preview. (Yahoo!)

Andy Lee takes on Patrick Peterson. (Branch)

Dashon Goldson will be key against Cardinals. (Inman)

Wisenhunt on 49ers: "It seems to me they run the ball on everybody." (Cohn)

Wisenhunt on Cardinals: "We've got to try to eliminate these sacks." (Cohn)

Peterson sums up 49ers' offense: "Run, run, run and try to throw it over your head for touchdowns." (Cohn)

Patrick Peterson on returning punts: "I hope they challenge me." (Cohn)

Assorted News

Andy Lee named NFC player of the week. (Bay Area SB Nation)

5 reasons why Alex Boone will soon be a household NFL name. (Yahoo!)

DeBartolo's 'Football Life' special is must-see TV (or must-DVR during World Series). (Inman)

Lee earns NFC weekly honor. (Maiocco)

Jesse Sapolu gave his heart to 49ers. (

Seahawks' Richard Sherman takes swipe at former coach Harbaugh. (Branch)

49ers aren't winning any popularity contests. (Yahoo!)

Top 5 head coaches: Does Jim Harbaugh make the cut? (Cohn)

Videos / Assorted Media

Black and blue part 2: We hate you too. (49erswebzone)

Conference call: Cardinals CB Patrick Peterson. (

Conference call: Cardinals HC Ken Wisenhunt. (

Cover 2: 49ers at Cardinals preview. (

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