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Introducing Polygon, the new gaming site from Vox Media

First, there was SB Nation. Then came The Verge. And now, we welcome Polygon to Vox Media.

For those that were unaware, SB Nation (the network to which Niners Nation belongs) is part of a bigger company called Vox Media. SB Nation was the first part of the company, but Vox Media was created after the development of The Verge, a platform focused exclusively on technology.

Vox Media has taken another step forward, focusing in on video games at Polygon. I know we've got a lot of video game fans here, so swing by when you get a chance. The site was founded by a team led by Christopher Grant, the former editor-in-chief of Joystiq. He is joined by the former editors-in-chief of Kotaku and The Escapist. The mission of the new site is described as follows:

Polygon is a video game website founded in 2012 in partnership with Vox Media. Its mission is to cover not only games but the artists who make them and the fans that love them. It's built to deliver fast, comprehensive news, in-depth feature stories and reviews that bridge the gap between criticism and buying advice.

If you are into video games, swing by Polygon and check out Chris Grant's welcome post. Your SB Nation login actually works over there as well, so feel free to log in and comment. One thing you'll notice in the commenting is the ability to edit comments for about a minute and a half after you post your comment. I know a lot of people have requested that feature here, and I think that is something on the support staff's radar for SB Nation and The Verge.

Also, when you swing over to Polygon, enter the Contra code for an always entertaining easter egg. For another one, in the search bar enter (without hitting enter): cow is watching