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Richard Sherman squashed by Will Tukuafu [GIF]

We take a look at a GIF of Richard Sherman getting squashed by Will Tukuafu

Brian Bahr

Over the course of the young season, the Seattle Seahawks have developed a rather brash, confident attitude as they have found some early success. There's nothing wrong with a little confidence, but when you start talking smack, it's safe to say you better be ready for some smack coming back.

After the Seahawks upset the New England Patriots, cornerback Richard Sherman sent out a tweet with a picture of him talking towards Tom Brady after the game, captioned with "U Mad Bro?" The picture was in part due to Tom Brady talking a bit of smack of his own, so there was some payback with it.

This past week, after the 49ers defeated the Seattle Seahawks, Jim Harbaugh had some comments about the Seahawks cornerbacks getting a little too physical. Pete Carroll responded wondering why Harbaugh was commenting a week after his comments about Kevin Gilbride's own comments. That was followed by Richard Sherman calling Harbaugh a bully who got bullied.

Well, this has nothing to do with getting bullied, but along with "Check out the scoreboard, Richard", I think this is as good a way as any to end this petty beef. We'll hear plenty more about this before 49ers-Seahawks 2012 Part 2, so we'll have this GIF ready and waiting when that time rolls around.