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49ers injury report: Frank Gore, Alex Smith full participants

We break down the 49ers first injury report of Week 8, featuring Frank Gore and Alex Smith.

Cary Edmondson-US PRESSWIRE

The 49ers released their first practice participation report for the week, and there isn't much in the way of surprises. The 49ers have had one practice over the last six days, which means the bumps and bruises have had time to clear up a bit. Here is a rundown of the 49ers injury report:

OT Joe Staley (illness) - Did not participate

Staley is apparently dealing with an illness, so we'll need to wait and see how the injury report pans out over the next two days. I would imagine he will be fine to play on Monday, but we have no specific word on the illness involved. We'll keep you updated if it becomes something serious.

LB Tavares Gooden (elbow) - Full participant

Gooden was on the injury report last week with an elbow issue and ended up as probable and playing. I expect the same thing this week

RB Frank Gore (rib) - Full participant

The 49ers running back took a shot to the back that bruised his ribs. X-rays came up negative and aside from having to spend some time sleeping in a sitting position, Gore has sounded fairly optimistic that he will play. As a full participant this seems all but assured at this point.

P Andy Lee (hand) - Full participant

The 49ers punter told the media today that he has been dealing with a broken thumb since his Week 1 attempt to tackle Packers WR Randall Cobb on a punt return. He has been listed on the injury report ever since but has played every week.

WR Mario Manningham (shoulder) - Full participant

Manningham told the media that he injured his shoulder early in the 49ers-Giants matchup. He warmed up before the Seahawks game last Thursday, but was eventually deactivated. He has said he's fine, and a full practice load is a good sign. I suspect he'll be active on Monday.

QB Alex Smith (right finger) - Full participant

The 49ers quarterback injured his finger in the blowout win over the Buffalo Bills. He said it was not a concern, but since then Jim Harbaugh seemed to hint it might have been an issue the last couple weeks. Additionally, Alex Smith said it has been improving every week. Whether that means it was bad enough to be an issue last week or the week before remains to be seen.