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NFL Watchability Index, Week 8: 49ers vs. Cardinals

We take a look at the SB Nation Watchability Index for Week 8, and what to expect from the 49ers and Cardinals in terms of general entertainment.

SB Nation puts together a weekly Watchability Index video, briefly breaking down how watchable each game is for the coming week of NFL action. The ratings system is entirely arbitrary, but I find it rather entertaining. If you have never seen it, I've embedded the video at the top.

Which brings me to 49ers-Cardinals on Monday Night Football. A week ago we saw the 49ers and Seahawks engage in a fairly ugly matchup. The short week likely had something to do with it, but I feel the defenses involved also slowed down the entertainment factor. As far as I'm concerned, a tough defensive battle is more entertaining because it can keep you on the edge of your seat a bit more. I'm always down for a wild shootout, but in watching the 49ers, a tough, ragged game seems to keep me a bit more engrossed.

Matt describes the 49ers-Cardinals matchup as similar to the 49ers-Seahawks game, only Arizona has a worse offense. While I see the comparisons from a defensive standpoint, I would like to think that having extra preparation time instead of shortened preparation time would provide a chance for some cleaner football. Even a defensive battle can be interesting, but I do get that the shortened week would ugly things up.

If you can step away from your 49ers fandom for a minute, how do you view the "watchability" of the 49ers-Cardinals Monday Night Football matchup?