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Golden Nuggets: What to watch on Sunday?

Saturday, October 27th, 2012 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

Christian Petersen

Just a heads up, I'm getting these Nuggets out a good several hours before they're actually do, as I've got some plans for Friday night. So if you guys come across some more links that came out after I wrote this, please post them in the comments for your fellow reader. We're like a big ol' family, ya dig? In-fighting and all, of course.

So tomorrow, we've got some NFL action, none of which I truly care about so I probably won't be watching. What games are ya'll gonna be watching though? I never know which games to watch whenever the 49ers aren't playing. I usually go for the one that doesn't look stupidly lopsided. Anyway, let's jump right into your quick links for the day.

San Francisco 49ers punter Andy Lee faces a threat in Arizona Cardinals return man (Inman)

Buzzer beater: Iupati's prowess in meetings foreshadowed big game (Barrows)

Iupati inspiring buzz he could rank among NFL's best (Branch)

Jacobs sists as 49ers feed 'hot hand' (Maiocco)

49ers eyeing Cardinals' receivers and pass rushing for week 8 (Gin)

Defenses take 49ers' Davis out of game (Branch)

Clark Haggans Sees Other Side of Rivalry (49ers)

Lee, 49ers Set for Peterson, Cards (49ers)