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Halloween Weekend: Any 49ers costumes out there?

We open up a thread for Halloween discussion with the weekend upon us.


Halloween falls on a Wednesday this year, which means a lot of Halloween parties happened last night or will go down tonight. I'm going to a friend's party, and since I didn't have time to get a costume this year, I'm going with a costume I bought a couple years ago. It's a basic prisoner get-up, and it is basically my backup costume in case I don't get something for that particular year.

Since plenty of people will be enjoying the evening, I was curious if anybody had plans for a 49ers type of costume? I have to think we'll see some folks rocking the Harbaugh khakis and black sweatshirt/pullover with pen combo. Last Halloween, the 49ers had just improved to 6-1 after an October 30 win over the Cleveland Browns. People were getting excited, but I would be surprised if there were many Harbaugh costumes out.

A year later, and Coach Harbaugh can do just about no wrong right now, which means the tributes are likely to be out! If you get out for a Halloween party tonight, or even not until Wednesday, and you see some 49ers costumes, get pictures and post them here or in a FanPost!

In the meantime, what is everybody planning for Halloween? It's always been one of my favorite holidays. When I was a kid in Las Vegas, we used to get Halloween off from school because October 31 is Nevada Day (the day Nevada became a state). The holiday is now celebrated the last Friday of the month, but when I was a kid, we got to enjoy the holiday on the big day. Halloween has been a favorite ever since.