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49ers vs. Cardinals: Your Week 8 officials

We break down the crew of officials handling the 49ers-Cardinals Week 8 matchup


The 49ers are two days away from their Week 8 Monday Night Football contest with the Arizona Cardinals, so now seemed as good a time as any to post the officials that will be handling this game. According to the folks at Football Zebras, Bill Leavy and his crew will be officiating Monday's game. Leavy began his work in college and has spent time as Coordinator of Football Officials for both the Western Athletic Conference and the Mountain West Conference.

Leavy's crew has generally consisted of umpire Darrell Jenkins, head linesman George Hayward, line judge Mark Perlman, field judge Jim Quirk, side judge Keith Parham and back judge Keith Ferguson. The crew has handled Chargers-Chiefs, Falcons-Redskins and Colts-Jets thus far this season. Last season, they handled 49ers-Browns, calling five penalties on each team, with 39 penalty yards against the Browns and 40 penalty yards against the 49ers.

Leavy is probably most well known for being the referee in Super Bowl XL when the Steelers beat the Seahawks amidst several bad calls. Leavy is a retired firefighter, and actually is from San Jose. Go 49ers, right Bill?