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Week 8 NFL PM open thread: Wild morning of big wins and upsets

We break down some of the morning action and what it means for the 49ers, as well as providing an open thread for discussion.


The morning session of football was overloaded with action, leaving us with only two games in the afternoon. The morning was loaded with upsets, comebacks and big wins across the board. At one point it looked like the 49ers were going to get a few beneficial victories around the league. They still got some helpful wins, but it was a wild morning of action.

The Patriots helped the 49ers in London as they thoroughly destroyed the St. Louis Rams, winning 38-7. The Rams were already two games back, but any losses are welcome. The Rams drop to 3-5 heading into their bye week.

The Seahawks and Lions exchanged leads throughout the game, but we got to see the Lions escape with a last second win on a Matthew Stafford touchdown pass to Titus Young. The win drops the Seahawks to 4-4, which gives the 49ers a chance to open up a two-game lead in the division if they can take down the Arizona Cardinals on Monday Night Football.

In non-division news, the 49ers got a mix of good and bad news. The Panthers almost knocked off the Bears, but came up short as Robbie Gould won it late for Chicago. The Bears win boosts that Panthers Watch third round draft pick, but I think we all would have preferred seeing the Bears lose and potentially drop into a tie with the 49ers. The 49ers do get their chance to even up down the road when they host the Bears, so that is worth noting.

The afternoon features Raiders and Chiefs, along with the Dallas Cowboys hosting the New York Giants. Obviously Cowboys-Giants is the more important game for 49ers fans. While I know people won't want to root for the Cowboys, a Cowboys win would drop the Giants to 5-3. Considering New York has the tie-breaker over the 49ers if necessary, I'm down for seeing the G-men lose.