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49ers vs. Cardinals TV schedule: Where to watch the game around the world

We take a look at where the 49ers-Cardinals game will be broadcast in Canada, the UK and on Armed Forces Network. We also include a call for any other viewing options around the world.


The 49ers and Cardinals square off on Monday Night Football in a primetime matchup that will be broadcast on ESPN in the United States. If you are in the Bay Area, I believe the game will be simulcast on CBS-5. Given the national broadcast, there is no use for broadcast maps tonight.

This primetime broadcast should mean plenty of opportunities for people around the world to check out the 49ers. Up in Canada, the game will be broadcast on TSN across the country. In the United Kingdom, the game will be on BBC Sport and also "Game Pass". I was checking ESPN America for other parts of Europe, but for some reason the game is not appearing on the schedule. That strikes me as odd.

It also looks like the Armed Forces Network in Europe will be broadcasting the game. I have to imagine the game will be broadcast throughout the Armed Forces Network, but I can't find the schedule of that.

If you know of other international television stations broadcasting Monday Night Football, drop the info in the comments. If you have a link to a tv schedule page, include that so I can add it to my weekly check of international viewing options.