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Hurricane Sandy and Niners Nation MNF coverage

And update on Niners Nation coverage during Hurricane Sandy.

For those that were not aware, I relocated to Washington, DC this past March. WIth Hurricane Sandy hitting the east coast as we speak, DC is in line for some heavy winds later tonight starting at 3pm PT. We've got the rain already, but wind gusts are supposed to escalate up towards 70 mph later tonight, peaking around 8pm PT.

That is right before and during Monday Night Football, so there is a chance your fearless leader will be without power at some point. I live right between the Pentagon and Reagan National Airport, so I'm hoping this power grid is getting a little bit of extra protection during the storm. However, if the storm knocks my cable and Internet out of commission during the game, I'm getting some stuff prepped to cover us (all times pacific):

1. The first game thread is scheduled for 5pm.

2. I'm going to set up subsequent game threads for 6:30pm, 7:30pm and 8:30pm. I'll also try and have a post-game thread set for 9:30pm.

I'm getting some posts done now and will hopefully be good to go when inactives come out around 4pm PT later this afternoon.