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Jim Harbaugh post-game quote: Jive turkeys not welcome in the 49ers locker room

We break down Jim Harbaugh's post-game quote about jive turkeys.

Matt Kartozian-US PRESSWIRE

Jim Harbaugh may have had the quote of the century following the 49ers 24-3 win over the Arizona Cardinals on Monday Night Football. Harbaugh was asked about some articles over the last week and a half that raised issues about Alex Smith's confidence. You can read one such article by Jim Trotter.

Coach Harbaugh was having none of that. When asked about the article he had a very pointed response. Coach Harbaugh pointed to how it was a reporter just looking to create something. The best part was caught by

H: I think it's just a lot of gobble, gobble, turkey, you know?

Q: What is gobble, gobble turkey?

H: Just gobble, gobble, gobble turkey from jive turkey gobblers. I think that paints a pretty good picture.

Just when you think Jim Harbaugh cannot get any more awesome, he goes and rolls out that absolutely money quotation. There Jim Harbaugh experience continues to get better and better.

Thanks to @geez49 for reminding me of a classic scene from Semi Pro: