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Golden Nuggets: Praise For Colin Kaepernick, Brandon Jacobs Ready

Wednesday, October 3, 2012 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

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Ah, midweek Nuggets. It's a time for reflecting and looking forward. Half of the stories are about the last weeks game and half cover the game that's coming (It's a bit skewed this week). A transition, also known as hump day, although when we tried to explain the meaning of that to the Nepalese people I work with it went well over their collective head. I think there's still time to bask in the glow of last week's trouncing (I say trouncing because it was the word that came up most in the postgame articles, although I like Rex Ryan's words, but won't reprint them here).

The Bills come into this weekend having given up 247 yards on the ground to a Patriots team not known for their running game. We, of course, racked up 245 yards rushing against the hapless Jets. I wonder what Greg Roman and the coaches will dial up....a steady diet of run with a side of rush. Should be fun to watch. And if you like interceptions, Ryan Fitzpatrick likes to throw them. Hopefully we'll take care of business, having learned our lesson from the Vikings game two weekends ago.

It's on to the links, and I hope you absolutely love Colin Kaepernick because he's all anyone wants to talk about anyway...

Week 4: 49ers 34, Jets 0

Matt Barrows has some killer notes here. Unfortunately for me, he covers a topic was about to start writing about for Bay Area SB Nation as soon as I finish here, and that's Alex Smith and the deep ball. Now I have to plagiarize. Just kidding. He also wonders if Colin Kaepernick's deep throw to Randy Moss was supposed to follow up his early run. He lost his shoe on the play, and came back two plays later to throw into triple coverage. Hmmm...interesting. | 49ers film review: The team, the team, the team beat the Jets. (Barrows)

Ricky Jean-Francois did well filling in for the injured Isaac Sopoaga and helped the 49ers defense maintain a brutal front seven against the Jets. It helps having Pro Bowlers all around you, but you didn't notice any drop in play from the D. | Ricky Jean-Francous silencing his critics against New York Jets. (Gin)

WOW! Watch this GIF and check out Joe Staley at his run-blocking finest. I've watched it 20 times and still can't believe a 300+ pound man can fly 10 yards that fast. | Joe Staley says this was the best run block of his career. (Brady)

This article from Matt Maiocco details how badly we played on third-down. Alex Smith did not complete a single pass on third-down. I'm pretty sure that that's bad. | 49ers offensive review vs Jets: Third-down struggles. (Maiocco)

49ers offensive review vs Jets: Quarterbacks. (Maiocco)

49ers offensive review vs Jets: Running backs. (Maiocco)

49ers offensive review vs Jets: Wide receivers, tight ends. (Maiocco)

49ers offensive review vs Jets: Offensive line. (Maiocco)

5-point stance: What we learned about the 49ers. (

The value of Colin Kaepernick's 17-yard run. (Sando)

Colin Kaepernick praised for not scoring. (Lynch)

Carlos Rogers says Jets defense quit. (

Week 5: Bills at 49ers

So, what happened in Minnesota was a fluke, right? It couldn't happen again, could it? If we sleep on the Bills it could. They have the weapons on offense to test our defense and you have to assume their recently 'purchased' defense will start to play better at some point. Stay awake! | San Francisco should be wary of overlooking another opponent. (Brady)

49ers vs Bills: Betting line and odds. (Bay Area SB Nation)

Roster News

Brandon Jacobs says he's ready to play. (Bay Area SB Nation)

RB Jacobs to 'get hit.' (Inman)

Power Rankings

Power rankings: Cardinals fly up the rankings. (Yahoo!)

NFL power rankings: How they voted. (Sando)

AP Pro32 comments about the 49ers. (Yahoo!)

Assorted News

Here's a good article about the progress of Colin Kaepernick, which is relevant to those of you not living under a rock. I'm a bit worried about the decision to throw a 1-on-3 jump ball to an 84-year old Randy Moss, but other than that, he's looked stupendous! | The grooming of Colin Kaepernick. (BASG)

There are bold statements, and then there are bold statements. This is of the latter variety. There are some statements about the Arizona Cardinals and the NFC West as a whole, but the one about the 49ers will blow you away! If you're only going to read one bold statement-style column at this year's 1/4 point, this is the one for you! I'm such a smartass sometimes. | Bold statements from the first quarter of the 2012 NFL season. (Yahoo!)

Andy Lee showcases all-pro toe. (

As rushers rule, Kaepernick creeps closer. (

Brotherhood boosts O-line. (

In 2012, Kaepernick is the real wildcat quarterback. (ProFootballFocus)

Videos / Multimedia

Jacobs eager to contribute. (

49ers total access: #7. (

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