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The impact of Brandon Jacobs' return to the San Francisco 49ers' lineup

San Francisco 49ers running back Brandon Jacobs says he's ready to return to action. We breakdown the impact of his presence in the lineup.

Ed Szczepanski-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

This week, San Francisco 49ers running back Brandon Jacobs stated that he is "ready to play." The Niners 2012 free agent signing injured his knee in a preseason outing against the Minnesota Vikings, and has been sidelined until now. To this point it's been the Frank Gore and Kendall Hunter show, with the occasional Colin Kaepernick appearance.

With that lineup, the 49ers currently have the No. 3 rushing unit in the NFL, averaging 167.0 yards per game.

As a unit, the team averages 5.4 yards per attempt on the ground, giving them a strong reason to run on first and second down. It's a good thing too, because philosophically, the 49ers have placed an emphasis on the ground game, and revealed an unwillingness to take teams deep in the passing game.

The Niners have proven they can beat teams with a creative power rushing attack.

San Francisco is in line to feature the league's most efficient and versatile run attack this year - far more advanced than it has been in recent memory. The Niners backfield will feature speed, quick-cut agility, great vision and now horsepower.

It's also greatly supported by the sound fundamental play of an up-and-coming offensive line.

With Jacobs now in the mold, it adds another wrinkle to what this run-first team can do offensively. As a short-yardage specialist and red-zone threat, Jacobs will have Greg Roman and Jim Harbaugh up late at night, conjuring ways to best utilize his skill set.

Jacobs has made a living running low and hard, pounding the football into the opponent's gullet. His ability in short down and distance will be valuable to this team as the season progresses.

Kevin Lynch of the San Francisco Chronicle raised an interesting point:

One tantalizing thought is Jacobs being featured in the 49ers' jumbo package, for which they bring on two extra linemen, Daniel Kilgore and Leonard Davis, and play 292-pound Will Tukuafu, normally a defensive lineman, at fullback.

Indeed, Kevin Lynch, indeed.

It's hard to imagine a more powerful, aggressive approach at moving the football downfield on an opponent. The 49ers come out with their jumbo package and simply impose their will on teams. And whether or not their opponent comes out of their goal line or base defense, its rather tough to defend considering the magnitude of what's being thrown at them.

For instance, San Francisco's jumbo package featuring Jacobs:

Daniel Kilgore: 308 lbs.

Joe Staley: 315 lbs.

Mike Iupati: 331 lbs.

Jonathan Goodwin: 318 lbs.

Alex Boone: 300 lbs.

Anthony Davis: 323 lbs.

Leonard Davis: 350 lbs.

Will Tukuafu: 293 lbs.

Brandon Jacobs: 264 lbs.

Total: 2,802 lbs.

Not to mention the momentum and strength of these men, this is a lot of size to account for.

The possibilities seem to be limitless, but one thing is for certain: San Francisco's offense will only get better with Jacobs on the field. 49ers fans should look forward to his return because the dominance on the ground should only expound upon his official return.

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