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49ers injury report: Daniel Kilgore leaves game with concussion on opening kickoff

We break down the 49ers injury report following Monday's victory over the Arizona Cardinals.

Ralph Freso

The 49ers emerged from their win over the Arizona Cardinals in relatively solid shape, but they will have some time during their upcoming bye week to get everybody healthy. Daniel Kilgore appears to be the only known injury thus far. The 49ers offensive lineman suffered a concussion on the opening kickoff and did not return to the game. His departure left the 49ers with Leonard as the only active reserve lineman. Fortunately they did not need to go into their bench along the offensive line.

One bit of health news from prior to the game is that apparently Joe Staley came down with pneumonia this past week, had a 104 temperature and lost ten pounds. He said he gained about half the weight back, but either way that's pretty crazy. Staley was able to play last night and seems fine.

Other than that, we'll have to wait and see if any other injuries occurred. The 49ers are entering their bye week, which means we won't see an injury report until next week. I don't recall seeing anybody leave the field, but maybe there were surprises.

The 49ers have been incredibly fortunate thus far with regards to injuries, but the bye week is still a good opportunity to rest up and get ready for the second half of the season. Frank Gore's ribs seemed to be fine, but I'd imagine a few days off will help. Alex Smith's finger issues seem to be behind him, but again, a few days off can't hurt. Joe Staley can get his weight back and Daniel Kilgore can get over his concussion.