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49ers to get six days off during bye week

We break down the 49ers plan for the bye week in terms of days off.

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh met with the media on Tuesday and confirmed the news that the team would get the next six days off. The players were in town today for the day-after breakdown, and will return to the facility for meetings and practice next Tuesday. According to Coach Harbaugh, before Week 6 against the Giants, the players and coaches agreed that for each win heading into the bye, the players would get an extra day off. They beat Seattle and Arizona to secure a pair of off days.

The coaching staff will remain around the facility, although I'd imagine there will be a day or two off for them. In the meantime, Coach Harbaugh indicated they will do some self-scouting and then turn their eyes toward the Rams.

While some 49ers are already planning on getting out of town (check out their tweets), some players will stick around. Joe Staley is getting over a case of pneumonia that cost him ten pounds last week. He apparently regained five of it, but he will be sticking around town through the bye. I would imagine plenty of other players will as well, but there will be some nice rest and relaxation mixed in.

The 49ers are in very good shape from an injury standpoint, with Daniel Kilgore (concussion) and Joe Staley (post-pneumonia recovery) being the two primary issues. Both will get time to get better and ready for Week 9 against the Rams. For the healthier member sof the team, some time off should do good for getting mentally refocused and getting over the normal bumps and bruises of a long season.

For our own work through the bye week, I've got a few ideas to keep us busy. Among other things, we'll have a look at each position at the halfway point. It's quite convenient for the 49ers to have their bye week right at midseason. We'll break down each of the ten position units at the halfway point.

Additionally, I'm going to try and do a pair of Google+ Hangouts where I have the game playing on Rewind and basically I break it down as I'm watching it. I can't show the game on screen, but if people DVR'd the game or have Rewind, they can follow along. Also, people can tweet me @ninersnation or post comments asking me to look at specific plays. The plan is to do two of these, one for the offensive plays, one for the defensive plays. I'm leaning towards maybe Friday afternoon or Saturday. Would people be interested and potentially tune in live?