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Jim Harbaugh, Alex Smith drive cars in Giants World Series parade

We take a look at some pictures of Jim Harbaugh, Alex Smith driving cars in the San Francisco Giants World Series parade

Courtest of @israeltavor

In case you missed it, the San Francisco Giants are in the midst of their World Series parade in downtown San Francisco, up Market Street to City Hall. I've embedded video below.

The picture above was tweeted out by Israel Tavor and shows a split-screen of Alex Smith and Jim Harbaugh during the parade. The two were honorary drivers for the Giants with Smith driving Matt Cain's car, and Harbaugh driving Brandon Belt's car. For those that don't remember, Smith and Cain were part of a foursome with Coach Harbaugh during a celebrity golf tournament this past offseason.

Jim Harbaugh has frequently commented on the Giants success, and views it as inspiration for the 49ers. The 49ers and Giants have developed a relationship between the coaches and players that is pretty cool. When word got out a month back that Alex Smith was fined for wearing a Giants cap after a playoff game last year, the Giants rocked 49ers hats as a sign of solidarity, and also autographed a Giants cap for Alex.

Life is good at 6-2 during the bye week!