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49ers vs. Cardinals: Google+ Hangout live stream in the works

A look at a Google+ Hangout covering the 49ers-Cardinals game.

Matt Kartozian-US PRESSWIRE

I had an idea for a little project and I wanted to see how much interest it might generate. I want to run a Google+ Hangout where I watch the 49ers-Cardinals game on NFL Rewind and provide running commentary throughout the game. If you haven't seen a Google+ Hangout, here is one I did with Revenge of the Birds last week. It's basically like a teleconference that can be streamed live on YouTube and then be available to watch later.

In doing this, I can't show video on screen and I would have the game audio on mute because of copyright laws. However, this provides a couple of opportunities for people. For those who have the game DVR'd or have an NFL Rewind account, you can watch along with me. For those who missed the game, you can get some running commentary, sort of like a radio broadcast.

Given that a lot of people missed Monday Night Football because of Hurricane Sandy, and because the 49ers are on a bye week, I figure now is as good a time as any for this kind of thing. My plan is to do two Hangouts. The first would be the first half and the second would be the second half. I was going to do the whole game in one, but three hours is a long-time and I don't think the Hangouts actually can record that much time.

My plan is to do the first one Friday afternoon pacific time (something like 4-5:30pm PT) and the second one during the day on Saturday (maybe 10-11:30am PT). I would embed the video at NN so you could watch it live, and for those watching live, you could post in the comments either with questions about what's going on, or really anything else. Also, people could shoot me tweets @ninersnation and I could interact with folks that way during the broadcast.

I'm going to do this no matter what, but I'm curious if people have any thoughts about it, including any suggestions to potentially improve the concept.