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NFL trade deadline on Thursday: Any potential moves for the 49ers?

We break down the NFL trade deadline and what it might mean for the 49ers.

Ezra Shaw

Due to Hurricane Sandy closing down the NFL offices in New York, as well as those of several east coast teams, the NFL trade deadline was pushed back from Tuesday to 1:00pm PT on Thursday. The deadline was bumped back two weeks prior to the season in order to encourage more trade discussions. Rumors are flying around about players, but few if any significant deals are expected.

For the 49ers, one question posed fairly frequently on Twitter and sometimes in the comments here is whether or not the team would consider trading Brandon Jacobs. According to Matt Maiocco, Brandon Jacobs has not asked for a trade. He has been getting no playing time, so a trade or release request would not be surprising, but for now it seems like he'll stick around.

Trades are fairly infrequent outside of the numerous deals for draft picks in April. The 49ers seem to be in a fairly solid position, particularly with the special teams starting to round back into form. At one point, it seemed like help was needed on special teams, but the last two weeks we've seen very strong performances in all aspects of special teams.

Is there any realistic option you could see the 49ers pursuing by the close of business tomorrow? I'm not seeing anything, but maybe I'm missing something.