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49ers vs. Bills TV schedule: Broadcast Maps for US, Canada, UK, Germany

We take a look at where the 49ers-Bills game will be broadcast in the US, Canada, UK and Germany, according to and other sites.

Kyle Terada-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The 49ers and Bills square off on CBS this Sunday at 1:25pm PT, but unfortunately they will be seen in a minority of the country. The Patriots and Broncos are the big game of Week 5 for CBS, and will occupy most television sets. Nonetheless, as we have done the last few weeks, I want to break down the broadcasting options for 49ers fans.

We will continue to break down the broadcast maps for Week 5 from However, I will also start including international television broadcasts since we have so many international readers checking out NN on a regular basis. I have information on Canada, the United Kingdom and Germany. If you know of resources for other countries, please let me know in the comments. Given the Bills fan base in Toronto, Canada will be giving this game some love.

If you can't view for some reason (not sure what that reason would be), here is a rundown of most of the states where the 49ers-Bills game will be be broadcast:

United States
California (northern and central)
Oregon (western and central
Reno, Nevada (and surrounding broadcast area)
Arizona (most of the state)
New York (northern and western)

CityTV - owned by Rogers Communications, includes network of six cities: Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Saskatchewan

United Kingdom
The United Kingdom will feature several other games on Sky Sports and other channels. I'd recommend bookmarking, this NFL UK website.

Unfortunately no 49ers for Germany. You will get Falcons-Redskins, followed by Broncos-Patriots, followed by Chargers-Saints Sunday Night Football