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49ers injury report: Brandon Jacobs, Carlos Rogers, Isaac Sopoaga listed as questionable

We break down the 49ers final injury report heading into Sunday's Week 5 matchup with the Bills.

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The 49ers and Bills each released their final injury reports for Sunday, and the 49ers are keeping things a little bit mysterious. Coach Harbaugh has listed Brandon Jacobs, Carlos Rogers and Isaac Sopoaga as questionable. NaVorro Bowman and Andy Lee are probably.

Rogers (ankle) and Sopoaga (knee, ankle) were both limited in practice this week. Brandon Jacobs was listed as "full" all three days. It is worth noting that players who are 100% are not listed as full. Full is a specific injury distinction. NaVorro Bowman was limited on Wednesday and Thursday, but a full participant on Friday.

I have to think Brandon Jacobs will be active and playing after a full week of practice. I suppose the team could decide they don't have enough work for him at this point, but I don't think that will necessarily be the case. Greg Roman was asked if having Brandon Jacobs alters his game plan any:

"Little bit, a little bit. It sure does. A lot of those things truly are game day decisions or thereabouts. Once you get through the week of practice and give them a chance to get out there and see how they're feeling on Saturday. You're always talking through the different options, but at some point the decision needs to get made. There's really no need to make a decision until you have to. Why would you limit yourself? So you wait, kind of weigh your options and see how things go as you wade through them and make a decision."

A bit of an obvious answer to a fairly obvious question, but it looks like we'll be waiting until game day to see what the 49ers have in mind for Jacobs. I think he plays, but Harbaugh certainly does like to zig when we want to zag.