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Randy Moss ribs Aldon Smith [VIDEO]

We take a look at some Best of Week 4 video looking at some of the best moments caught on microphone. The 49ers were prominently features.

Elsa - Getty Images

Every week during Monday Night Football, halftime features a "Sound FX: Best of " segment that looks at some of the best sound content from the previous week. This past Monday they aired the Best of Week 4 and the 49ers were fairly prominently featured. Thanks to NinerFanTucson for FanShot'ing the video.

The highlight had to be Randy Moss giving Aldon Smith some crap after a big sack. You can check that out around the 1:20 mark. Another good one was a player (I think Santonio Holmes) talking smack about sending the 49ers back to California with a loss.

There is also a fun comment from Anthony Dixon as the 49ers were closing out their win. This is a fun segment every week and it looks like we'll be able to find it on each week. The 49ers have quite a few personalities on the team and they seem ideal for these kinds of segments. I'll keep an eye on it each week moving forward.