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Golden Nuggets: Aldon Smith set to have big day?

Saturday, October 6, 2012 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of San Francisco 49ers links from around the web.

Jeff Zelevansky - Getty Images

We're a day out from another San Francisco 49ers victory, how does that feel? As you all know, on Saturday, my cockiness peaks and I have no issues saying that they're going to wipe the floor with the Buffalo Bills. This has happened occasionally in the past, but this year, it's basically reached a full-blown epidemic. Then again, it was a Bills fan who told me to drown myself in the Bay when I wrote a satire piece on the team a year or so ago. That was really fun.

Anyway, as it's Saturday, the linkage is few and far between. The beat writers have ran out of their "good posts" for the week, so you may see a lot of repeats until we get another game played, ya know? Anyway, let's just get right to them and stuff. It's my bedtime. Enjoy.

49ers vs. Bills: Containing C.J. Spiller (Faaborg)

Harbaugh: Bay Area pro fans should support all teams (Maiocco)

Shocking sack stat: Smith could break Reggie White's record (Branch)

49ers-Bills injury reports: Jacobs, Sopoaga questionable (Maiocco)

Harbaugh bounced his Willie Mays theory off of Willie Mays (Barrows)

49ers pleased with Aldon Smith's progress at LB (Yahoo!)

Bills' offensive line forced to use backup plan Sunday (Branch)

49ers key matchup No. 3: Aldon Smith cs. Chris Hairston (Maiocco)

49ers vs. Bills: Can San Francisco exploit thin Buffalo offense? (Jones)

49ers sing the praises of Bills' Williams (not the one you're thinking of) (Barrows)

It's no Youngstown, but Bills will follow 49ers' footsteps with long road trip (Inman)

49ers' O-line turning into strength of the offense (Maiocco)