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Jim Harbaugh takes on the third rail of 49ers-Raiders fans

Jim Harbaugh had some interesting comments about the 49ers and Raiders, and their respective fan bases.

Ezra Shaw - Getty Images

Later tonight the Oakland Athletics and San Francisco Giants kick off their respective postseasons, with the A's facing the Detroit Tigers and the Giants facing the Cincinnati Reds. It is an exciting time for the Bay Area with both baseball teams playing well and the 49ers looking at a resurgence.

Jim Harbaugh spoke with the media yesterday, but he ended up hosting a brief Q&A after the press conference ended. During the chat he discussed the Bay Area fan bases and made some comments that I can see have already tweaked some folks online.

"There should be great relations between the two teams," Harbaugh said after his formal press conference ended. "It doesn't have to be like Republicans and Democrats. We're very fortunate to have so many professional teams here."

Jim Harbaugh also spoke about the relationship in general between the 49ers and Raiders. Technically, the 49ers lease on their new stadium allows them to in turn sub-lease to a second team. Right now it appears that was just included to cover the 49ers backside in case some opportunity arrives. Personally I think the Raiders will move back to LA for the new Farmers' Field, but that could take a couple years.

Coach Harbaugh did address about how the teams could work together:

When told the 49ers and Raiders have not always been willing to work together, Harbaugh said, "It could be different. We could work together. . . (There are) a lot of ways we could help each other. Trade partners, draft partners. It could be something there."

We won't see the 49ers and Raiders playing a preseason game anytime soon, but we will see a 49ers-Raiders regular season matchup in two years. Until then, it will be interesting to see what future offseasons bring.

I have made it known that I am perfectly fine sub-leasing the 49ers new stadium to the Raiders. I realize plenty of 49ers fans have a big problem with that. Given that the teams would play on opposing weeks for the most part (minus long/short weeks), I really don't think it's a big deal. I realize I might be in the minority. And really I don't think it will matter because again, I think the Raiders move back to LA.