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49ers vs. Bills TV schedule: Where to watch the game around the world

We take a look at where the 49ers-Bills game will be broadcast in Canada, the UK, Germany, Mexico and Brazil, according to a variety of sources.

Pool - Getty Images

Last week I posted a rundown of various international options for watching the 49ers. I mixed that in to this week's post about, but I wanted to pull out the international info, including some additions from the comments. If you are in another country and know if the 49ers game will be playing, feel free to post the details in here. For now, I have details on Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Mexico and Brazil.

Canada - via A Rouge Point

CityTV - owned by Rogers Communications, includes network of six cities: Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Saskatchewan

United Kingdom - via NFL UK


Germany - via ESPN America

Unfortunately no 49ers for Germany. You will get Falcons-Redskins, followed by Broncos-Patriots, followed byChargers-Saints Sunday Night Football

Mexico - via user pique86

He sent along this picture, so feel free to decipher as appropriate


Brazil - via user Fabiano P

Unfortunately, no 49ers either. ESPN's games are Steelers-Eagles (10AM PT), Patriots-Broncos (1PM PT) and Saints-Chargers (5:15 PM PT).