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49ers vs. Bills: Your Week 5 officials

We break down the crew of officials handling the 49ers-Bills Week 5 matchup

Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-US PRESSWIRE

Now that the replacement referees are long gone in the rear view mirror, we are finally getting settled in with the regular officials' crews. The fine folks at Football Zebras have developed a nice little service where they list out the head official for every NFL game. I don't know what their sources are, but it is a plus either way.

This week, the 49ers and Bills will be run by Jerome Boger and his crew. This crew is making their season debut, along with Terry McAuley's crew. Later in the season we'll be able to look at the crew's performances to date via, but for now we get to go just based on name and reputation. In the case of Boger however, you can actually view a rundown of stats via Pro Football Reference. They really do cover everything!

In the case of Boger, the folks at Shutdown Corner were less than complimentary towards him. His notable games have included (according to Wikipedia) the Albert Haynesworth stopping incident and the 2006 "They are who we thought they were" Cardinals-Bears game. Boger has previously worked in Conference USA, the Arena Football League and NFL Europe. And of course someone set up a Facebook fan page.

Boger's crew last year appears to have included umpire Carl Paganelli, head linesman Jerry Bergman, line judge Tom Stephan, field judge Doug Rosenbaum, side judge Joe Larrew and back judge Tony Steratore.