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Kyle Williams TD reception gives 49ers 10-3 lead [GIF]

The 49ers have taken a 10-3 lead on the Buffalo Bills thanks to a beautiful back-shoulder throw from Alex Smith to Kyle Williams.


Williams lined up on the far right side and ran a go route before stopping suddenly at the 15. After the snap, Alex Smith ran play action and bootleg'd to his right. He had plenty of time and fired the pass to Williams. The 49ers receiver had stopped suddenly and Bills cornerback Aaron Williams could not regain control. As you see below, Williams had little trouble scoring after the reception.

The play marked Williams first reception of the game, and second touch after a 6-yard end around. Alex Smith is 7 of 8 for 180 yards and the touchdown. The Bills will make some adjustments, but their secondary has struggled enough that this could continue for Smith and the 49ers. For now though, the Bills have just punted back to the 49ers who will look to build on the 10-3 lead.