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49ers vs. Bills: Third quarter open thread

We break down the 49ers first half performance and provide an open thread for the third quarter.

Ezra Shaw - Getty Images

The 49ers head into the third quarter holding a 17-3 lead as we got to see them really go for the throat late in the second quarter. After a Colin Kaepernick fumble looked like it would send the 49ers into the half with a 10-3 lead, Patrick Willis forced a Scott Chandler fumble and Dashon Goldson recovered the ball on the Bills 28. On the ensuing play, Alex Smith connected with Michael Crabtree on an easy 28-yard touchdown pass.

One of my concerns with the 49ers offense at times has been the apparent lack of a killer instinct at times. This is not to say the 49ers completely lack such instinct, but let's just say I would not have been surprised if the 49ers had run it once or twice and taken the three points. Instead, Greg Roman (or whomever was responsible) dialed up a quick pass to Michael Crabtree. The 49ers leading receiver had a one-on-one matchup with rookie Stephon Gilmore and ate him for lunch.

At the half, Alex Smith is 12 of 15 for 237 yards with two touchdowns and 24 rushing yards. He is 73 yards from his career high in passing yards, which came December 6, 2009 against the Seattle Seahawks. He has only two career 300-yard games. Michael Crabtree has five receptions for 103 yards and a touchdown. He is 19 yards from his own career high, which came December 26, 2010.