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Alex Smith connects with Michael Crabtree for big touchdown [GIF]

In spite of some first miscues, the 49ers are in control against the Buffalo Bills, heading into the second half with a 17-3 lead. The 49ers were tied 3-3 and making stupid mistakes that kept the Bills in the game. However, a strong performance by Alex Smith and a key late second quarter turnover have opened.

The 49ers took a 10-3 lead on a touchdown pass to Kyle Williams. They went back and forth with the Bills after that, with Colin Kaepernick fumbling and end-around deep in Bills territory. However, on the ensuing Bills drive, Patrick Willis forced Scott Chandler to fumble the ball, which Dashon Goldson recovered at the Bills 28 with 29 seconds left.

The 49ers have often struggled in going for the throat on offense, but Greg Roman dialed up a perfect play. Michael Crabtree was lined up on rookie cornerback Stephon Gilmore and burned him with ease. Smith threw one over Crabtree's left shoulder and right into him for the easy touchdown grab. The extra point put the 49ers up 17-3 at halftime.

Here is a look at the so-sweet touchdown grab