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Alex Smith injury: Jim Harbaugh says it is possible finger sprain on non-throwing hand

We break down the news that Alex Smith suffered a potential finger injury. Jim Harbaugh believes it is a sprain.

Jason O. Watson - Getty Images

The 49ers wrapped up an impressive 45-3 victory, behind a dominant performance from QB Alex Smith. There was some news after the game that left folks wary, but might not be quite so bad. Cam Inman tweeted out that Alex Smith went to the x-ray room with Jim Harbaugh after the game for an unknown injury.

Thankfully it sounds like it should not be too serious. In his postgame press conference, Jim Harbaugh was asked about the injury and he said it was a finger injury on his non-throwing hand, and most likely a sprain. I would imagine we will see Alex on the injury report this week as either full or limited in practice, but at this point it would seem unlikely that he would not be ready for next Sunday's game against the New York Giants.

The game did get interesting late as the coaching staff kept some of the starters out for a bit longer than expected. The team has to keep some starters in the game, but I probably would have elected to remove SMith with the 31-3 lead and the Bills doing absolutely nothing on offense. I'll take the domination and victory, but even beyond injury concerns, getting Colin Kaepernick more fourth quarter snaps seems like a good thing.