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49ers vs. Bills: Alex Smith, Michael Crabtree, Vernon Davis lead the way in record-setting offensive performance

We take a look at what the 49ers did in one of the greatest offensive performances the NFL has ever seen.

Brian Bahr - Getty Images

I am not normally one for hyperbole, so I hope people will take this somewhat seriously. The 49ers rolled over the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, in a 45-3 victory that featured a perfectly balanced offensive attack. Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick combined to throw for 310 yards, while the 49ers rushed for 311 yards. Not too shabby.

In fact, this might go down as the greatest combination of dominance and balance in a single NFL game. As liberty_JAC pointed out in the postgame thread, the 49ers are the first team in NFL history to finish a game wtih 300+ passing yards and 300+ rushing yards. The 49ers confirmed this after the game.

That is kind of ridiculous. The game also saw the 49ers achieve the highest total offensive yards in franchise history. Considering some of the slightly better than adequate offenses this franchise fielded in the '80s and '90s, that is saying something.

While I will not say this was "the best" offensive performance in NFL history, it ranks among the greatest. According to PFR, the 621 total yards matches the 1986 Cincinnati Bengals for 15th most total yards in a single game. I think Joe Staley might have summed it up best in describing the 49ers current offense:

"I've been here for a lot of predictable offenses and no matter how you're executing those plays they look like shit. When you're executing well with plays that are very creative, it creates doubt in defenses' mind you'll have days like today."

I realize the Bills played like they hadn't bothered to actually show up for the game. I get that. But a win is a win is a win, and handling your business in a game where you are expected to win big says plenty to me. The 49ers will get plenty of chances to prove what they can do against real defenses, but for now we'll join the glow of a thorough butt-whuppin.

Here is a quick recap video from the SB Nation Studio. I sent in some webcam comments and they mixed them in with Matt's recap. Consider that my confident, we just kicked some butt look!