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49ers Injury News: Alex Smith injures finger at end of Bills game

We break down the 49ers injury news, focusing on Alex Smith and Brandon Jacobs.

Brian Bahr - Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers emerged from Sunday's 45-3 beating of the Bills in relatively healthy fashion. The only injury known at this point is that Alex Smith injured his finger late in the game. Smith and Coach Harbaugh were in the x-ray room, but it is believed to be no more than a sprain. After the game, Alex said it happened on his last pass attempt to Vernon Davis.

I imagine we'll learn a bit more as Smith practices this week, and I can almost guarantee he will make an appearance on the list, even if listed as a "full participant." I see no reason to think he will not play next week, so this should end up being mostly a non-story.

The most notable news related to injuries was that Brandon Jacobs was a healthy scratch after getting a full week of practice. It seems like his lack of special teams play was what kept him on the sideline. He would appear to be competing with Anthony Dixon for playing time as the 49ers rolled him out for some late carries against the Bills.

At this point, is it possible Brandon Jacobs is not on the 49ers roster at some point over the next three months?