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49ers vs. Bills: Recap vide featuring a few thoughts on a demolition

We take a video look at the 49ers win over the Bills.

Late yesterday, following the 49ers annihilation of the Buffalo Bills, I shipped off a few thoughts about the win via webcam to the SB Nation studio. The studio is working to create more quick reaction video to the Sunday games, and they are trying to include blogger reaction wherever possible. This is not quite like when I shot the video portion up in NYC, but hopefully you enjoy it.

I'm going to try and do these every weekend, and occasionally get up to New York to shoot from the studio as well. If you have suggestions for my contribution in the video, let me know. I was still a bit stunned by the sheer volume of offense, so I might not come off as giddy as I was. Such is life.

Give the video a few, and when you get a minute, head over to YouTube to give it a like. Also, at YouTube you can subscribe to the NN channel and you'll get a notification whenever we upload new video.