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49ers vs. Bills: Jim Harbaugh post game victory speech looks to keep team grounded

We take a look at Jim Harbaugh's post-game locker room speech following the 49ers win over the Bills.

Debby Wong-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Earlier today, the folks at posted Jim Harbaugh's post-game locker room speech. While the team seemed pretty fired up, it was interesting to see Coach Harbaugh attempting to keep the team humble. He always talks about moving forward with humble hearts, but this is one instance where it is easy to understand why the team might be a bit up after the game.

The good news is the 49ers face possibly the ideal Week 6 opponent to keep them level-headed. The 49ers beat the New York Giants during last year's regular season, before enduring a brutal NFC Championship Game loss. Players have spoken about how that loss drives them, and it is understandable. The team was on the verge of a shot at the mountain top and came up just short. That could be what drives them all the way to the top, if they in fact reach that point.

It is tough to keep a team grounded when they put together one of the best overall performances in team history. Thankfully, that loss remains in the back of their minds and will hopefully stick there until they exorcise the demons.