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Monday Night Football Open Thread: Texans sticking near top of NFL power rankings?

We look at what a Texans win could mean for NFL power rankings.

Kirby Lee-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The first open thread is blowing up rather nicely, so I figured I'd open up a second thread for the Texans-Jets Monday Night Football contest. The Texans are not exactly dominating the Jets like our 49ers did last week, but they appear to be firmly in control of this contest. Arian Foster is having himself quite a night with over 100 yards midway through the third quarter.

If the Texans hold on and improve to 5-0, do you keep them and the Falcons ahead of the 49ers? My guess is most power rankings will include those two at the top in some form or fashion, with the 49ers third and then some mix of the Ravens, Vikings, Bears and Patriots in the next group.

While I think the 49ers can hang with any of these teams, as long as the Falcons and Texans keep winning, I don't see them dropping. They may not have put up numbers this week quite like the 49ers, they both will have gone on the road and secured victories. Whatever you think of there wins, that will likely be enough for top two positioning.