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Golden Nuggets: Hoping Alex Smith isn't affected by injury

Tuesday, October 9, 2012 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of San Francisco 49ers links from around the web.

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So over the past two weeks, the San Francisco 49ers have outscored their opponents by 79-3. That is without factoring in the fact that Colin Kaepernick had an easy touchdown and slid down at the one-yard line against the New York Jets, but it is factoring in the fact that ... well, this was the Jets and the Buffalo Bills. It doesn't mean that the 49ers are an offensive juggernaut, but it does mean that they're schematically sound, which is always good. Executing the way they have been against a team in the NFL - any team - is a good sign and clear progress for our franchise in recent years.

Going to try a couple different things with the Golden Nuggets over my next few times. I want to write more about the links that come up but I just don't have the time for it. I'm going to try to roll with a few talking points each day, give the links for those, and then list the rest as per the usual fashion. Does that sound good? Of course it does, so onto the linkage, children!

UH, HE'S NOT A RUNNING BACK - In my postgame notes over at SB Nation Bay Area, I noted my disagreement with the play-calling - specifically the end around toss to backup quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Some have suggested that the option to pass was open on that play, but I don't believe it was. I think the 49ers tossed it to him and expected him to run it as the lead man, and to me, that's not a smart idea. He's a dynamic, explosive player who is enjoying success when he's on the field, but he shouldn't be doing designed runs like that. | 49ers vs. Bills postgame: Some notes from San Francisco's win (Brady)

NEVER BE A QUITTER - This is the second time in as many weeks that a 49ers player has remarked that the opposing team either quit or "wasn't really into it," after a certain point. Against the Jets, we heard that they stopped trying to even make tackles, and now the Bills look like they didn't even want to be there. There's something particularly awesome about shattering the will of your opponent. | Whitner on the Bills: "I'm not saying they quit, but the body language said they weren't really into it." (Cohn)

EVEN TINY HANDS CAN GET INJURED - When I saw that Alex Smith had hurt his hand on his final pass of the game, I about lost it. I mean, here we are, this guy is playing out of his damn skull and suddenly bam - injury. Thankfully, it doesn't look as though the injury is too serious, it's just that his throwing hand is the thing that's injured. And that's always scary. I'm sure a few of you will say things like "Bring on Kaepernick!" but I really think that would just ... turn out poorly. Yeah. Poorly. | Smith should be ready to face Giants (Maiocco)

KYLE WILLIAMS IS PRETTY GOOD WHEN HE'S NOT PLAYING THE NINERS - I admit, I didn't know too much about defensive tackle Kyle Williams heading into Sunday's game. I saw that the 49ers' players were bestowing a good amount of praise on him prior to the game, and then I saw him make some big plays early on and I started to get worried. But the 49ers came in and shut him down after the first quarter or so, and that's good to see. | Film review: 49ers snuff out Williams; Willis, defense not too shabby (Barrows)

WAS NICE WHILE IT LASTED - Eric Bakhtiari became the flavor of the month this past offseason, and many were putting him on the final 53-man roster prior to the official roster cuts. I never really saw it, but was glad to see somebody get some hype and make it back on to the team when Clark Haggans was suspended. But now that Haggans can return, he's out the door after making a limited impact in admittedly limited playing time. | Source: 49ers waive OLB Bakhtiari (Maiocco)

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