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Golden Nuggets: Alex Smith denied record, awarded NFC offensive POW

Thursday, November 1, 2012 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

Ralph Freso

I'm a sucker for the San Francisco Giants so I'm going to lead off the Nuggets with this article about them. Did you see Jim Harbaugh and Alex Smith as chauffeurs in the Giants' victory parade. It's good to see the Niners feed off of the Giants success, see what it does to the city and, hopefully, copy it. How happy would I be if both teams won the title this season. Well, I can't even begin to imagine it.

I've got to be quick with the Nuggets 'cause I'm late getting home from work. There are a few things of note. Firstly, Alex Smith and the 49ers' quest to get him the accuracy record was denied by the league. Alex Smith, in a bit of good news for our QB, was named the NFC offensive player of the week, his first time winning the award. It's a great accomplishment for a player with so many ups and downs in his career. Hopefully he can add that Super Bowl ring we talked about earlier. To the links... oh...and happy Day of the Dead.

Harbaugh, Smith serve as chauffeurs in Giants' World Series parade. (Inman)

Week 8: 49ers 24, Cardinals 3

We at Bay Area SB Nation have two stories here for you to peruse. First up is Tre Faaborg, who you all know and love who nitpicks Alex Smith for taking too many bad sacks. It's hard to nitpick after such a strong performance, but he's right on the money here. Some of those sacks put the 49ers in third-and-long situations, and had it not been for some atrocious tackling on the part of the Cardinals, they would have settled for field goals or punts. | Nitpicking Alex Smith: Must improve ability to throw the ball away. (Faaborg)

Next up is my article. It's basically a recap of the scoring drives. It started out as me giving credit to Michael Crabtree (I have been critical of him for those of you with good memories) for a great game. I ended up making it about the offense in general as the play calling, execution, breaking tackles, yards after catch, yards after contact, etc... was all top shelf. I guess it's an ode to an offense that was near-perfectly efficient. | 49ers vs Cardinals: Offense in high gear in victory over Cardinals. (Malone)

Matt Barrows has a good piece about the 49ers offense against Arizona and the yards after catch. It was amazing to watch them eat up a top-ranked defense and cut through them easily after short passes. It looked like the old days of the West Coast offense. | Film review: Michael Crabtree's YACety Yac, Randy Moss gets applause...twice. (Barrows)

Film review - First half observations on offense. (Lynch)

Grading the week 8 win over the Arizona Cardinals. (Inman)

49ers grades for week 8 against the Arizona Cardinals. (Gin)

Assorted News

Matt Maiocco has noted that Alex Smith and Michael Crabtree finally seem to be creating some sort of chemistry. His faith in Crabs on the first touchdown jump ball was something we haven't really seen before. This is what I've been waiting for for four years! That was also three fo(u)rs in a row! There's also a video on the topic embedded in the link. | Alex Smith, Michael Crabtree show confidence in one another. (Maiocco)

The other great story from today was that Alex Smith was named the player of the week. I never would have imagined him winning one of these awards at the start of the year. I also would have never imagined him setting a record for accuracy (let's face it, he was robbed). | Alex Smith wins first NFC Player of Week award. (Inman)

Up-and-down Alex Smith awarded for peak performance. (Branch)

Stingy 49ers defense holds four of five opponents without a TD. (Yahoo!)

NFC West leading 49ers on a roll as November nears. (Yahoo!)

Jim Harbaugh disputes lateral call on Alex Smith's would-be record. (Inman)

Vernon Davis keeps attitude strong. (

Smith, Crabtree earning higher grade in chemistry. (Branch)

49ers notebook: Alex Smith named NFC offensive player of the week. (CBS Sports)

Videos / Assorted Media

Greg Roman on KNBR. (

Patrick Willis on NFL Network. (

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