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Fantasy football Pick 6: Week 8 Niners Nation Leaderboard, Week 9 Picks

A breakdown of Week 8 performances in Pick 6 fantasy football, along with a look ahead to Week 9 options.

Matt Kartozian-US PRESSWIRE

After weeks and weeks of struggles, I finally managed a decent performance in Pick 6 fantasy football. For Week 9, I managed a 30th place performance, which I believe is a high for me. The big key was the Christian Ponder-Percy Harvin connection on Thursday Night Football. In reality, I sort of wasted that with some average performances otherwise.

Congratulations to ZeroIndulgence, who edged out Roy_from_Israel and riceoflife for the Week 8 victory. Here are the top teams from this past week:

1. ZeroIndulgence: 82.9
2. Roy_from_Israel: 82.6
3. riceoflife: 82.6
4. SH0ck-D: 80.4
5. sanluisobispo49ers: 80.1

I have no 49ers players to suck me in this week, so I mixed things up a bit. I like my team this week (famous last words):

QB: Carson Palmer - I love the Raiders matchup at home against the Bucs
RB: Rashad Jennings - I'll give him a second chance against a poor Lions defense
WR: Denarius Moore - Doubling up on Raiders vs. Bucs
TE: Owen Daniels - I'm a long-time fan
K: Sebastian Janikowski - Seabass might be my favorite non-49er
WC: Doug Martin - The Raiders rush defense isn't anything special.

Who you rolling with this week for your Pick 6 lineup?