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Thursday Night Football open thread: Chiefs vs. Chargers...seriously

We take a look at Thursday Night Football between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Diego Chargers, as well as providing an open thread.

Jeff Gross

Thursday Night Football is back to kick off Week 9, and the matchup is one that comes out of getting every single team in on some prime time action. The Chiefs are struggling out of the gate, to the point that there only lead this season came on an overtime field goal against the New Orleans Saints. That is right: the Chiefs have not led for a single season of game time this season.

The Chargers got off to a solid 3-1 start, but have since proceeded to lose three straight. Antonio Gates has fallen off a fantasy cliff and the Chargers offense in generally has been incredibly inconsistent. Ryan Mathews is hoping to avoid more turnovers to cost him his job, and Norv Turner is just hoping to hang on to his job.

This is a matchup of questionable coaching with Turner matching "wits" with Romeo Crennel. Both men have done some great things as offensive and defensive coordinators, respectively, but neither has impressed much in head coach roles. I wouldn't hold my breath for that to change.