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49ers vs. Rams weather report: Forecast is as Bay Area as it can get

We break down the 49ers-Rams weather forecast, and look ahead to potentially cold conditions against the New England Patriots in December.

The 49ers host the Rams on Sunday and as would be expected, the weather is expected to be a little bit chilly, but mostly pleasant. The high could get up to 60, but the game-time temperature is expected to be in the high 50s with winds around five miles per hour. I will be in attendance, so I'm looking forward to a pleasant afternoon. And this post was partly an excuse to show some Family Guy video. I find that is always a good thing.

Bay Area weather is generally quite pleasant, even if it can get a little chilly at times. The 49ers home conditions are frequently sunny and in the 60s throughout the season. Rain can become an issue at times, and of course, the wind at Candlestick can be fairly legendary in nature.

Over Coach Harbaugh's first two seasons, the team has generally avoided too much inclement weather. That will change next month when the 49ers travel to Foxboro, Massachusetts to face the New England Patriots. The December 16 matchup is likely going to be a very cold one, although we don't yet know what to expect of snow and the like.

I will actually be in attendance at that game, too, and needless to say, while excited to watch the 49ers, I am not too sure how excited I am to freeze my butt off in the Massachusetts winter. I have never attended a game in the snow, so I am kind of hoping it is snowing at the game.

For the 49ers, this will likely be the coldest weather they will have played in thus far under Coach Harbaugh. It was cold up in Seattle for the Seahawks game last December, but I don't think it will approach the potential conditions in Foxboro. Is that something that give the Patriots any sizable edge? Back in the '80s, the 49ers went into Soldier Field and had their way with the Bears in the cold, so it is possible I am simply over-thinking things.

Nonetheless, it is one more factor to consider in what could be a pretty big late-season matchup. As an inter-conference game there are fewer overall playoff implications, but obviously every win is an important one. The 49ers offense would seem to be built to handle inclement conditions given the power rushing attack on which it is centered. So maybe it really isn't much of an issue after all.