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49ers-Rams line climbs to 13 points

We break down the latest odds in the 49ers-Rams Sunday matchup.

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

Jim Harbaugh better do some serious shin-kicking heading into Sunday's game against the Rams. After opening as 11-point favorites, the 49ers favored status has only gone up. As of now, the 49ers range from 12 1/2- to 13 1/2-point favorites depending on your sports book of choice.

It is safe to say that Jim Harbaugh is not entirely pleased about that. He constantly preaches kicking folks in the knees when they are constantly praising his team. I would like to think he does not really pay attention to the oddsmakers, but it is still interesting to watch. I would still take the 49ers, even at 13 1/2 points. It is a sizable spread, and clearly people are liking the 49ers. And yet I would still take them with that spread.

I suppose if it got over 14 it would be a tougher call, but shouldn't the 49ers be able to win by two touchdowns at least? I don't think it is a matter of over-confidence, but just comparing the matchups, how the teams are playing and what the home field can bring for the 49ers. Just my two cents on a big spread.